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Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds, by TT games is a really good game if you enjoy Minecraft and other Lego based games.  It is a Pegi 7 and can be either played by yourself, split-screen with another person on the sofa or even online.  Lego Worlds is an open roaming game with lots and lots of areas to explore on each map and many worlds to discover.

This screen shot is with my brother, I kept shooting down his alien strike ship!

The tutorial is really cool and slowly shows you how to play the game while completing challenges and missions on a Pirate Playground themed world.  You start off with a basic gun that you use to scan and discover objects around you such as animals, vehicles, people and landscape items.  You can get some vehicles and animals by simply scanning them or you might have to complete a quest first.  You can find land, air and water animals and vehicles, it is really fun to get them and ride on them.  As the day turns into night on the world, bad guys spawn, similar to Minecraft, and these can be discovered and added to your inventory as well as used in quests and beaten up for coins.

Here I am dressed as a skeleton and my brother is shooting in the cannon that i found.

Once an object is discovered you can then unlock it using lego coins (which you get by breaking things and quests).  Once the discovery is unlocked you can place the object as many times as you like.  When you play split-screen co-op you both receive trophies and achievements for your gaming profile however all of the discoveries that you make in the game are only kept for the player whose save game it is.

As you discover new people you can customise your own character and the combinations become bigger and bigger as your discoveries grow!

Once you have mastered the discovery gun, you learn about other tools such as the landscaping tool that allows you to remove, add and transform the world around you; the paint tool; the build tool (used to build using the Lego bricks that you discover) and the copy tool (really helpful if you want to quickly build another object the same as before!).  You are guided in how to use each tool as you find them.

I am dancing now yay! show off your moves!

On each map there are lots of missions and challenges to find and complete.  Quests involve helping people either by building a structure, painting an object, rescuing them or giving them an item.  You are rewarded either by coins, being given another object that you may require to complete other quests or a gold brick.  The game progresses depending on how many gold bricks you have, for example you need 10 gold bricks to get to the next selection of worlds and then you need 25 gold bricks to get to larger worlds, then 50, then 80 before finally… at 100 gold bricks you get to create your own world.

I just levelled up hooray I’m a new level!

With gold bricks you can level up your character and also unlock other cool items.  At 15 gold bricks you receive a camera, at 20 bricks a grapple gun, 30 bricks a lantern, 50 bricks gives you a block gun and finally at 65 bricks you get a jet pack.  The ultimate goal is to become a Master Builder.

Each world that you travel to is random and no two worlds are the same.  So far I have visited various themed worlds such as candy, jungle, lava, forest, water, desert and swamp.  Each map contains many different scenarios and objects to discover and add to your collection.

Through finding chests that are hidden across the world and opening them you can get weapons, strange mystical fragments and other large structures that you can spawn and are already built such as a dino cage, lollypop and police station.  Again there is no limit to how much you can spawn.

Doing quests will help you get items, you might have to go to another world, the person will be patient though.

I found that controlling my character was really easy to do and no different to other Lego games.  I like how you can easily climb up any surface which makes exploring fun.  All of the buildings have doors that open and close and there are many items that you can use and play with.  I love the special agent vehicles that we found, especially the hover plane that fires lasers.  Every time I play Lego Worlds I find new things and this keeps me wanting to play the game more and more as I want to discover everything.  I still haven’t found a dragon yet!!

There are some glitches at times but they are mainly to do with the camera not moving properly however you can use the right stick of the control pad to correct this.  Sometimes when playing co-op if there is a lot happening on both screens it can cause the game to lag a little.  The game has crashed a few times on our PlayStation but luckily the game auto saves a lot so I haven’t lost any of my discoveries or progress!!

I would recommend this game as it is great fun and it is different to the other Lego games as you can do whatever you like, similar to minecraft, although better!  Exploring and building is awesome!  I am hoping that in the future new add-on packs come out that let you play as Batman and the Marvel characters.

Lego Worlds is available now, go and get building!








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