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The Crew

The Crew, by Ivory Tower – a Ubisoft studio, is an awesome game for all you people that love free roam/car race games!

You play as Alex (a game character) and he works for the police.  A police officer called Zoe is helping you and through her you discover the story missions and introduces you to all of the game features.  You start off in Detroit where only a small amount of the huge map is unlocked, you can drive anywhere and you can teleport to any place if you have discovered it.  If you need to travel to an undiscovered area you can set a way-point by using the map and you can then drive there whenever you want.

Challenge online people from around the world!

The Crew has two game expansion packs called “Wild Run” and “Calling All Units” that include new vehicles such as motorbikes, monster trucks, police cars and vehicle parts.  The latest expansion “Calling All Units” lets you play as the police, giving you the opportunity to chase other players around the map and stop them from completing their missions.

There is motorbikes too! you can pull awesome stunts with them!

For me The Crew is an amazing game because you can save up money (game money) through completing missions and buy huge monster trucks and rreeaallyy fast supercars!!  Also you can buy amazing police cars, the first police car (Mercedes-Benz) is ‘prepaid’ by Zoe but the other police cars you unlock and buy with your game money.

Explore the whole of North America!

Customising your vehicle is great fun and easy to do.  Vehicle parts are unlocked as you progress through the game and can be added to your car by going to a Tuner garage.  There are Tuners all over the map that each specialise in different things such as performance, drag, monster, street, dirt, raid and circuit (my favourite!).  All the vehicles that you buy start off as fullstock without any perks such as nitro, but by visiting a Tuner you can have nitro installed.  If you are in the need for a new vehicle, why not head over to the various car dealers located across the map and pick up a new ride!

Be a boss!

If you hit a police car when driving you will become the “most wanted” and you will need to escape the police.  The longer they are chasing you, the higher your fine, should you get caught you have to pay that fine (out of game money), BUT…if you escape the police your fine money goes to you and your gained XP adds to your level which is pretty cool.

When you are being chased, other online players can help you but bewarned some online players can be police cars and trying to catch you!  When you are being chased you have 2 power-ups (of your choice) that can help you escape, they are: emp field, flashbang and guardian. (you can only select 2 out of 3).

Earn awesome trophies throughout the game!

As well as the story and side missions there are many ways to make money and increase XP so that you can buy new vehicles for your garage.  You can visit landmarks that can be found throughout the world or join a crew and take part in faction missions.  Being apart of a crew is awesome as it allows you to collect a daily salary when you log in.  A monthly online competition called “The Summit” is fun to take part in as you get to challenge people all over the world in an attempt to qualify to the next round.  The higher you finish, the better the prizes!

Take awesome pictures of your car!

For me, I enjoy The Crew because the map is massive and I love to go to airports as there are lots of planes constantly taking off and landing!  The graphics are very detailed with broken paint work, dents, smoke and skid marks across the roads and fields.  I like that there is different types of terrain to drive across such as snow areas, deserts and lots and lots of mud!  The snow gets all over your car and so does the mud and a bit of sand!  I need to go and wash my car now!

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