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MineCraft: Mini Games

Minecraft by Mojang has been a firm favourite within our house for a few years now.  Whether we are building new houses, bases or airports while in creative mode or trying to craft and stay alive in survival mode, Minecraft is a fun game for 1-4 players local split-screen and also online.

In addition to the various free and premium skin and texture packs that have kept the boy’s imaginations alive and therefore returning back on a regular basis, the addition of free mini games is a welcome add-on.  Currently there are 2 new mini game modes available, namely Battle and Tumble.  Both modes begin with a lobby area where players meet, select their skins, and attempt to explore the secrets that are hidden within before the game begins.

Exploring the lobby area to uncover it’s secrets…

The first game mode “Battle” is exactly what it says,  and is a fast paced deathmatch within a small arena map.  Each map can support upto 8 players with the match being either 1-4 players locally against the online world or just against each other on the couch.  Additional map packs and a season pass allowing all of the map packs so far to be downloaded can be purchased through the playstation store.

When the game begins it is a mad scramble to find and loot chests that are infront of you and dotted around the arena.  Speed is a must as you only start with your hand as a basic weapon and invulnerability is for a limited time only.

Open and take the contents of the chests as quick as you can!!

The option to craft items is not available within battle mode as all of the items such as weapons, armour, food and potions are found within the chests and can be used straight away…that is if you last that long!  Once the invulnerability timer has counted down it is game on!!

Battles tend to be frantic as many a time you find yourself sneaking up on one player only to find another, such as Finley, is also sneaking up on you, leading to fast paced action and laughter as you bound across the arena to seek cover and safety for a few seconds so that you can quickly restore your health using acquired food or potions.

Dad is a bat already (bottom right)! hahahaha.

If you are unfortunate enough to lose all of your health in a round, (dads do tend to be the ultimate target I am finding), then you can respawn as a spectator for the remainder of the match.  You are no ordinary spectator however, you are infact a fully squeeking bat, an ambassador of darkness, flitting out of the cave like a winged messenger to go and get revenge on your adversary by flying around their head in an attempt to put them off or give away their location to other players.  It is also a good opportunity to have a quick fly around the arena and get to learn where all of the chests and hidey-holes are ready for next time!  The tournament ends when a player has 3 wins.

The arenas are well crafted and come complete with their own texture packs and soundtracks.

The second mini mode is called “Tumble“.  This is my personal favourite out of the two modes as it is frantic and results in the children being in a fit of giggles due to the intense gameplay.  So what is tumble all about? Well basically imagine all of the players, upto 8 of them, on top of a small 3 tiered arena.  When the match begins the idea is to get the other players to fall into the lava below by breaking the floor that they stand on, the winner is the last person standing.

Dont fall off!!!

The floor can be destroyed by using shovels, hands or in our case snowballs.  We love throwing snowballs as they make for a good long range weapon and as Finley says “it is a great load of fun”.  There are no chests to loot or gain an advantage with, this time it is purely a case of attack or hide away from everyone and hope that you are not noticed!

I’m quite used to my screen saying that…

As a player falls through each tier they hopefully land safely on the floor below, that is so long as there are not any giant holes created by Caiden & Morgan whose tactic is to quickly descend down through the levels and destroy as much of the floor as possible without getting caught out themselves!  Once more you return as a bat should you fall into the fiery inferno, flying in the remaining player’s faces in an attempt to make them fall through the holes in the floor.  The winner is the first to 3 wins.  We do love this game mode somewhat!

Have Fun!



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