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Lego Dimensions

Lets face it, Lego never gets old.

It is fun to play with, create new things  and offers a great way to engage with your children.  Yes life is great until you step bare footed onto that rogue piece that’s been left on the floor!!

That all said, the Lego video game franchise has so far been brilliant, bringing to life and putting a cheeky twist onto classic films  such as Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, the list keeps on growing.  I have spent a lot of time playing two player co-op with our sons as well as having chilled evenings trying to find every collectible with the wife.  Lego video games, so far, have been good value for money.

For a while now, stocked on the supermarket shelves beside the Skylanders range there has been Lego and Traveller’s Tales latest offering “Lego Dimensions”.  At first I was severely put off by the price however I saw the starter pack for £23 at a local toyshop that had just opened, so I treated the boys for Christmas.

So what is it and is it any good?

The gang begin their adventures!

Lego Dimensions is Lego’s answer to the popularity of games such as Skylanders and Disney Infinity, combining physical and virtual games for the ultimate mixture of fun. What sets Lego Dimensions apart from other games is that you physically build the vehicles and objects that then enter the game via the portal.  The added ability to build and rebuild every vehicle and gadget, and have those changes reflected within the game on-screen is great fun. Each vehicle and gadget has three different build options which you unlock as you play the game.

The starter kit comprises of the game disc, portal, Batman, Gandalf, Wyldstyle and the Batmobile Vehicle.  All of which need to be built from Lego bricks.

The portal has various different areas, each of which lights up. GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) is Lego Dimension’s artificially intelligent computer system that you’ll find in the Portal games, and is a main character in Lego Dimensions that gives characters difficult puzzles to solve using the portal itself.  Placing characters on different coloured portions of the portal will allow them to teleport to otherwise inaccessible places within the game or scale the characters to make them larger or smaller, for example.

The portal that comes with the starter set.

Creativity is definitely the idea behind this building and gaming adventure as you journey through unexpected worlds and team-up with unlikely allies on the quest to defeat the evil Lord Vortech as he opens rifts in the various Lego dimensions to collect powerful artifacts. Playing with different mini-figures from different worlds together in one game is great fun along with using each other’s vehicles and gadgets in a way never before possible.

The gameplay is immersive, enjoyable and split-screen has certainly got a lot better when it comes to how the camera pans when playing co-operatively.  The open worlds are large with a lot to see and puzzles to complete.  You can travel to different worlds and spend ages exploring the map finding collectibles.  The core of the game levels can be played with Wyldfire, Batman and Gandalf however new areas inside the worlds can be opened by purchasing new physical add-ons in the form of Fun Packs, Team Packs, Level Packs and Story Packs.  This is when Lego Dimensions gets expensive.

There are a range of mini-figures that you can buy, each with their own abilities and either a vehicle or gadget that help to expand the game or solve certain puzzles.  For example you can purchase Benny along with his SPACESHIP!!!! or Bad Cop with his police car just to name a couple.  There are new characters being added frequently as “Season 2” slowly roles out.  The fun packs are currently priced between £10-15 from most shops.

Who you gonna call?

Team packs contain a couple of characters and usually a vehicle and a gadget, in the case of the new Gremlins team pack you get Gizmo, Stripe, an R.C. Racer and the Flash n’ Finish polaroid camera. I love the way that Gizmo can adorn his Rambo head band and shoot arrows from his bow while running past Clamp tower.  Although the team packs are between £15 to £25, they are very nostalgic, especially if you are a fan of the movies and wish to relive certain scenes and movie references within the game world.  There are planned releases for The Goonies, BeetleJuice and Knight Rider Team packs during the year and as much as my children do not know who they are I can see them being on my wishlist!!

Level packs allow you to access, well I’ll let you guess, new levels within the game world.  Typically consisting of a character and a couple of vehicles or gadgets they add further to the longevity of the game as you solve further puzzles and unlock more abilities that can be used throughout the entire world.  The Mission Impossible Level pack for example, comes with Ethan hunt, IMF Scrambler motorbike and IMF Sports car as well as an all new game level based around the M:I world.  Level packs cost between £15 and £30.

Stripe loves bringing popcorn to the party!

The final add on, if you have any money left, are Story packs.  Costing around £35, story packs add 6 new themed levels to the game, retelling the story of their respective film.  The story pack contains one or two characters, a vehicle or gadget and a new gateway design for the portal.  So far you can buy Ghostbusters, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them and shortly the Lego batman movie.

So is Lego Dimensions worth it? Well purchasing the add-ons can be a costly affair however over Christmas many shops were selling, the fun, team and level packs as “buy one get one free” and continue to do so, which certainly helps when it comes to value for money as personally I don’t think I would have been so keen to initially buy the game!

The boys have just started playing Lego Dimensions and so far they have enjoyed working together to solve the vast array of puzzles and unlock the new abilities of their characters and vehicles.  Finley and Caiden made it their objective to unlock all of the possible Lego combinations for B.A’s Van so that they could fire rockets and fly around the world causing untold destruction.  If their determination and teamwork has anything to go by, i’m not going to get a chance to play!  There is definitely a lot to keep the children entertained and I like the way that Lego have teamed up with Warner Bros to add iconic movies such as Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and Gremlins to their repertoire as well as BBC for Dr Who, there is certainly something for everyone.  Personally I am really hoping that they make a Red Dwarf pack, having hidden an area inside the Fantastic Beasts expansion world!

Smoke me a kipper! The hidden Red Dwarf quarters.

What do you think of Lego Dimensions? Leave your comments below!




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