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Skylanders – Superchargers

Having had a little sister who was mad on Spyro the dragon back in the PlayStation 1 days, I’m a little unsure why we haven’t got into the Skylanders franchise sooner, although it maybe something to do with the already cluttered shelf in the living room that is currently holding copious amounts of Disney Infinity characters!

For those of you new to the Skylanders games, published by Activision, Superchargers is the 5th instalment of the role playing game series and involves a “toy to game” concept similar to Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions which can be played either cooperatively with a friend or on your own.


Skylander SuperChargers Starter Set

Ok so what is Skylanders Superchargers all about? Well a bad guy called Kaso, has unleashed the Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction, putting the whole of Skylands in danger – and it’s the Superchargers job to save it. With beautifully animated cut scenes the story unfolds whereby levels must be completed by driving, running, battling bosses and figuring out puzzles before finishing the course. When playing cooperatively one player drives while the other gets to fire the weapon.


Chao ensues!!

There are three classes of transport available to complete the various levels and these are ground, water and flying vehicles. Each class allows the levels to be explored in different ways, helping to find more collectibles and accessing other hidden items such as parts for vehicles so that they can be upgraded. Vehicle upgrades can also be purchased using the in-game currency “Gearbits” which are earned by completing missions and stages.

Each character has their own matching vehicle which when combined correctly supercharges the vehicle giving it extra abilities. One of the perks of the Skylanders franchise is that past characters can be used in the game however to gain a supercharged state characters from the supercharger series are required.


Leader of the pack

For my children, they thoroughly enjoy the concept of physically placing a character or vehicle onto a “portal of power” that then enters into the game world right infront of their eyes, however maybe it is just my age and upbringing that feels a little cheated whenever we buy a new item at the local shop. I felt the same during the Disney Infinity era as I remember the days of buying a game where everything was already included, there was seldom any add-ons and a season pass to access further downloadable content was non-existent. Still, as a father who rewards their children with pocket money when they have completed their chores, I can hardly say no to them as they have earnt it and it is an amazing day for them when they spend their pocket money to buy a new character as they chat excitedly in the car on the journey home about the new abilities and levels they will unlock.


Hurricane Jet-Vac to the rescue!

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