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Riptide GP: Renegade

“Awesome!, epic!, nitro!, skills!, cool stunts!” are just a few of the words that my children were shouting out while we competed against one another in an insanely wet and turbulent Hydrojet race across ever changing environments and worlds.

I initially came across Riptide GP: Renegade by chance whereby another father was raving about seeing it for £7.99 in the PlayStation Store.  Having three children I am always keen to have a good library of 4 player games that we can sit down as a family and play as you will soon discover as the website grows.

The developers, Vector Unit, founded in 2007, are no strangers to the fast action packed racing game genre having previously produced the amazing Hydro Thunder Hurricane and Beach Buggy Racing, both of which we have had the fortune to play.  The slick graphics alongside cool dynamic visual effects such as water droplets rolling down the screen as you splash into the water are very characteristic of Vector Unit.

Riptide GP: Renegade boots up very quickly on the PS4 and the simple menu system allows the player to jump into the action almost immediately, keeping the little one’s determination and threats of how much they are “going to whoop dad” alive.


Impact wished he took the easy office job….

The single player career mode follows a story path and allows the player to compete in various tiered competitions such as 2-3 lap races, point to point, elimination  and stunt events whereby stars, skillpoints and money are awarded depending upon finishing position.  The money can be spent on upgrading the Hydrojet’s handling, acceleration, etc; the skillpoints help to unlock new stunts and perks while the stars help unlock more races as you progress up the competition ladder.

Online mode, is as obvious as that, it allows the player to compete against other AI and human players across the world for global bragging rights.

Multiplayer mode allows for upto four players to play on one screen locally which for us, is where the fun really begins.  Players can choose from between three riders initially and various Hydrojets each with their own pros and cons.  A colour scheme can be applied and its then time to choose how many tracks to race on.  Its amazing how much banter my three can come out with when the green light appears at the starting grid and the littlest one disappears with lightning all around him into the horizon – bragging how he hit the boost button at the correct time.


Use hidden shortcuts to gain an advantage over your opponents…

Each race track contains ramps, short cuts and other skilfully placed objects, some hidden, that allows the player to makeup time, launch the Hydrojet and perform tricks such as “Rockstar”, “Jungle Gym” and “Mad Monkey” to name a few, using the analogue sticks of the controller.  The difficulty of the trick combined with the amount of tricks successfully performed fills your nitro bar so that you can hit warp speed and zip past the competition, or in my case make a lame attempt at catching up with my sons!  Be warned, if you fail to land properly your rider slams into the water costing precious time.


4 player local play is fun until you crash infront of everyone…

With 9 tracks to play, the replayability lasts for a while as new secret areas are accidentally found leading to bigger and better ramps and ultimately more hang time to pull off the more difficult stunts.  The pumping drum and bass sound track, sheer speed of the hydrojets alongside the dynamic visual effects and pressure to pull off harder and harder tricks to refill your nitro bar kept us coming back for more.

Riptide GP: Renegade_20160905160439

Stunts galore but who will receive the biggest nitro boost?

Compared to the likes of Hydro Thunder Hurricane which we have on the xbox 360, there is a distinct lack of physical collectables to be found dotted around the tracks, something that the boys enjoyed hunting for previously and being rewarded with vehicle skin unlocks.  That said, the ability to pull off stunts and find secret areas has my children hooked as they challenge one another to see if they can pull off the same trick while unlocking new trophies along the way and ultimately beating their father!!

Riptide GP: Renegade is available on PS4, Steam, Google Play, IOS and Amazon with Xbox One and Win10 to shortly follow.


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