Looking back at my childhood, some of my fondest memories was playing computer games with my father while my mother was working a night shift on a Saturday.  We had an Atari 520ST with a half meg of ram and a single sided floppy disk drive, it wasn’t much compared to todays offerings but in the day it was all we needed for an amazing night of fun.


Playing games such as Outrun, Roadblasters,  Impossible Mission, Bubble Bobble, Gauntlet II, Carrier Command and the jaw dropping Dungeon Master (the first 3D rpg of its kind), I built up a huge bond with my father.  I remember playing into the early hours of Sunday mornings and couldn’t wait until our next gaming session.

A couple of decades later and I am now where my father was, playing computer games alongside my three sons who are all of a similar age to when I first started playing, albeit with a few extra years under their belts already!


Selecting which games to play together can sometimes be a challenge, everyone has different tastes, trends change, and with so much choice out there, what really captivates children?  I am constantly reading gaming reviews when deciding upon games to buy for the children, but all of them are written from an adult perspective.  Taken at face value you may not buy a game based on the negatives, however to a child the negatives may not be as obvious to them and instead you could be rewarded with quality family time filled with adventure, fun and excitement.

The purpose of our site is to review games, mainly on the PlayStation 4, from a father and sons’ perspective.  No doubt they will gang up on me at times however the day they turn old enough to play some Call of Duty I shall put them in their places….I hope!





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